Which Brewer To Choose: Drip Vs. Pour Over

While you may love a good cup of coffee, the truth is that it isn’t uncommon if you are not able to make a clear distinction between drip and pour over brewers. After all, they both need to have water poured over coffee grounds. Besides, they also work in the same way. The gravity will work and will pull the brewed coffee down.

However, in terms of the final results, there are many differences.


So, what are the differences between drip vs pour over brewer?

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One of the things that you should keep in mind is that when you look at most homes and even cafes, you will see that they now use pour over coffee than the traditional coffee.

#1: Drip Vs Pour Over Brewer: Coffee Quality


The truth is that this is the most important factor that you should consider – the quality of the coffee that you get.

While you probably haven’t put a drip cup of coffee side by side with a pour-over cup of coffee, in case you do this, you will immediately notice some differences. And the winner will be the pour over coffee.

However, you should know that to be able to get this type of cup of coffee from a pour over brewer, you need to be willing to spend at least $200. On the other hand, the drip coffee machine will be much more affordable.

#2: Drip Vs Pour Over Brewer: Temperature Stability


One of the things that you need to know about drip coffee brewers is that the water temperature isn’t usually able to reach the ideal one. Even when you look at higher-priced drip machines, you may find this issue. So, as a result, the brewing won’t be so good which will end up affecting the flavor and taste of your coffee.

In what concerns pour over brewers, you really don’t have any control over the water temperature. After all, you will need to put water to boil on the stove and you should wait until it boils to be certain that your brewing will work as you like.

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#3: Drip Vs Pour Over Brewer: Pouring Style & Consistency


One of the worst cons of drip coffee machines is that they are very inconsistent in terms of the shower heads. You may have some coffee grounds that get too much water as you can have others, on the other side, that just don’t get enough. So, the result is that your cup of coffee will not be as tasty as it could be. You will get an imbalanced flavor.

On the other hand, pour over brewers do have a complete control over the pouring of the water. You will be the one doing it so you will know exactly the areas that need more or less water.

#4: Drip Vs Pour Over Brewer: Durability

Drip brewers aren’t usually designed to last for a very long time. After all, they are almost all made of plastic parts. On the other hand, pour over brewers tend to last for a very long time because they are incredibly simple. The truth is that you don’t even need to clean them often.  In addition, pour over brewers are usually made of plastic, metal or glass which tend to be more resistant.

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