The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Grinders

You probably already heard the saying “if you’re going to do it, do it right”. And this saying couldn’t be better used that when you are referring to grinding your coffee beans.

One of the things that many coffee lovers ignore is the importance of coffee grinders. While they may look all similar to you, the reality is that they are quite different. And choosing the best coffee grinders will have a direct effect in the brewing process.


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But Why Should You Grind Your Own Coffee Beans?

While it may be easier to just go to the grocery and pick the first powder coffee that you can find, the truth is that it won’t taste the same.

Brewing is an extremely important step that is in part responsible for the ultimate flavor and taste that you get in each cup of coffee that you drink.


So, in order to get the most flavor out of the coffee beans, you want to ensure that you use the best coffee grinders.

One of the main advantages of using coffee grinders is that they will make all your coffee beans consistent with what you want to do with them. The truth is that coffee grinders allow you to choose between different settings depending on if you’re using a drip coffee machine, a French Press, an AeroPress, or any other. From a coarser to a finer setting, you just need to choose what you want.


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Here are the main types of coffee grinders on the market:

#1: Burr Grinders vs. Blade Grinders


In order to grind coffee beans, a grinder can either use burrs or blades.

Burr coffee grinders tend to come with two serrated plates that oscillate and that when they come together, they crash the beans, instead of cutting them. So, you can expect to find uniform sized grinds.

When you are looking for a specific grind, you can simply adjust the distance between the two blades to make it coarser or finer.

In what concerns blade coffee grinders, you will find a blade that cuts the beans. However, the result is not as uniform as it is with burr grinders.

Take a look at the best burr coffee grinders for French Press.

#2: Automatic Grinders vs. Manual Grinders


Besides choosing how you want your coffee beans to be reduced to powder, you can also decide on whether you want to do it manually or automatically.  While we imagine that most people would choose the automatic, it is important to understand the differences between the two to endure that you get the best cup of coffee all the time without exception.

In case you are always in a hurry, you probably don’t even want to know about what makes a manual coffee grinder different. And we completely understand. There is nothing like pushing a button and you have your coffee grind. However, if you prefer to wait a bit longer but experience an amazing cup of coffee, then you should consider manual coffee grinders. While they take a lot more time, the flavor and richness of your coffee will be elevated for sure.

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