Step-By-Step: How To Use An Espresso Machine

When you want to make a good espresso at home using your own espresso machine, you probably already know that it will require a bit of trial and error. There are many different factors that tend to affect the espresso. So, it’s important to know hot to use an espresso machine the right way.

Despite the fact that not all espresso machines are the same, there are some things that you need to do on any machine when you want to make a good espresso. So, here are the steps that you need to follow on how to use an espresso machine:

#1: Fill The Reservoir With Water:

The first thing you need to do when you want to make an espresso using your espresso machine is to fill the water reservoir. However, water is an important factor that might affect the taste of the espresso. So, make sure that the water is filtered, cold, and that it isn’t either too hard or too soft. Fill the reservoir up to the water line.

#2: Turn On The Espresso Machine:

Some espresso machines may take more time to heat up than others. While some may take only 15 minutes, others can take up to 45 minutes, depending on the size of your machine. So, it’s important to give them the time they need.

#3: Run The Machine For A Few Seconds:

I the next step, you should lock an empty portafilter in the group head, and simply run the espresso machine for a couple of seconds. The point of doing this is that it will bring fresh water to the front. And this will heat up the parts of the machine that will be in touch with your coffee. When you’re done, remove the portafilter and wipe it out both inside and underside of the group head. They should now be dry and clean.

#4: Grinding:

Now, you should grind a few coffee beans only. This will allow you to see the fineness you want. When you want to get a good espresso, the coffee should appear powdery and clump loosely. However, if you rub it between your fingers, it should still feel gritty.

#5: Dosing:

Dose about 18 to 21 grams and put the freshly ground coffee into the portafilter. When you see that the coffee is exiting the chute, make sure to rotate the portafilter so that all the grounds settle evenly in the basket.

#6: Tamping:

Make sure to tamp the coffee. You need to make sure that you press evenly. Just use your fingertips to feel the edges of the basket.

#7: Brewing:

Now it’s time to start brewing. So, return the portafilter to the group head. Please note that if your espresso machine includes a pre-infusion or a pre-brew feature you’ll need to make sure that you complete it first. This is what allows your espresso to be tasty.

#8: Beginning The Infusion:

Finally, it’s time to start infusion and end brew. Before serving your espresso, make sure that you mix crema by pouring or stirring the espresso into another cup.


Despite 8 steps may seem a little too much just to make your own espresso at home using your espresso machine, you need to remember that it is an art. Making espressos has nothing to do with speed but with enjoyment.

In case you still don’t have a good espresso machine, make sure to check the espresso machines’ guide that will help you get to know all the details about using the best espresso machines.

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