Kicking Horse Coffee Review And Brewing Tips

With so many different coffee brands to choose from, it gets harder every day to simply choose the best coffee beans for you. And when you’re a coffee fan and lover, and you absolutely need your fresh cup of coffee in the morning to boost your energy, you really need to find the best brand and roast that you can find.

But how to choose it? It would take an eternity just to try out the so-called best coffee beans.

One thing is for sure. When you’re a true coffee lover, you want to make sure that you’re only getting organic coffee instead of regular coffee. If you never had the chance to taste the organic one, once you do, you’ll hardly come back to the regular.

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When you try out organic coffee, you’ll see how it tastes completely different besides the flavor and the aroma. No one beats the organic. Still, there are many different brands to choose from. So, as we know so many people need their first cup of coffee strong in the morning, we decided to do some digging and one of the best options you can try is the Kicking Horse Coffee.


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The Kicking Horse Coffee is an incredible dark roast coffee from Indonesia and South America. So, now you’re wondering that this might not be good for you because you just can’t stand the extra acidity and smoky accent that darker roasts usually have. However, and before you move on, this isn’t the typical darker roast where you get that strange accent in the end. In fact, and according to the different Kicking Horse Coffee reviews, the taste is quite good even though you might not like other darker roasts. You won’t feel any burned taste; just a slight smoky one that is actually pretty pleasant.


The Kicking Horse Coffee ultimately delivers you a smoky, audacious, and sweet flavor provided by an amazing blend of Arabica beans. And this is something quite unique when we’re talking about such coffee beans. Plus, it’s the perfect choice for your mornings because it has a really strong body that you can be sure will give you all the energy you need for another day at work.


According to some Kicking Horse Coffee reviews, you can expect to get a perfectly sealed package and fresh coffee beans since all the roasting is made in Canada. They roast the coffee at a 3,000 feet above sea level, near Columbia River, which might have some influence on the coffee taste as well.


More than an amazing coffee, the Kicking Horse Coffee company is committed to both local and global environmental conservation. Besides all their different coffees are all organic certified, they are also Fair Trade.

According to the different Kicking Horse Coffee reviews, and despite the fact you just can’t please everyone, most people tend to agree that this is one of the best dark roasted coffee beans they have ever tasted. So, even though you’re not a fan of this type of coffee, we dare you to try it out. Trust us, it’s completely different from the ones that you’ve tried out so far.


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