Keurig K50 Vs K55 – Pros, Cons And Comparison [2018]

When you are looking for the best coffee maker, you know that you have a lot of options. There aren’t only a lot of coffee maker manufacturers as they are many different coffee makers. So, you may end up completely lost with such a wide variety.

While there are many good coffee maker brands, one of our favorite ones is Keurig. Not only they have a wide range of coffee makers for all prices and features as their products tend to last for a very long time.

Since Keurig has so many amazing coffee makers, many coffee lovers tend to have a lot of doubts between very similar coffee makers. This is the case of the Keurig K50 and the Keurig K55.

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So, if this is where you are standing right now, we want to give you a hand and show you a detailed comparison. So, take a look at the Keurig K50 vs K55 comparison.


Keurig K50


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The Keurig K50 is a classic brewer that is very popular. After all, the Keurig K50 allows you to easily make an amazing coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and even iced beverages in just a few minutes.

With the Keurig K50, you can choose between different brew sizes which is great. In addition, you can expect to find a removable drip tray to ensure that your kitchen is always cleaned as well as the water reservoir is big enough.


Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the Keurig K50 matches all kitchens, from the smallest to the largest ones.

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Keurig K55


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In what concerns with the Keurig K55, we need to say that this is the successor of the Keurig K50. So, obviously, it is an upgrade of the model we just looked at above.

With the Keurig K55, you have a bigger water reservoir as well as it allows you to brew more than one cup at once.


In case you are worried about the design of the Keurig K55 and you don’t know if it will fit your kitchen, you need to know that the Keurig K55 is available in multiple colors.

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Now that we gave you a quick overview of each one of the Keurig coffee makers, let’s check their details in particular.

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#1: Keurig K50 vs K55 – Design:

While both coffee makers have a good design, the truth is that there are many differences between the two.

In what concerns to the Keurig K50, this model is incredibly light and compact. This ensures that you can buy it even if you have a small kitchen. However, it is only available in black. On the other hand, the Keurig K55 is slightly heavier and slightly bigger than the K50. However, you can choose between different colors to make sure that it fits with your kitchen decor.

Aside from these differences, both Keurig’s are very similar in terms of the design.

#2: Keurig K50 vs K55 – Performance:

While the design is important since you don’t want to have an ugly coffee maker laying around your kitchen, you also understand that there are features who matter more when it is time to decide which is the best coffee maker for you. One of this features is the performance of each one of these Keurig coffee makers.

Both models allow you to brew more than one coffee at once and they have a good water reservoir. In addition, both makers also come with a removable drip tray to ensure that you can easily clean it inside and to avoid all that mess around your kitchen.

However, when comparing the time to brew a coffee with both coffee makers, you will notice that the K55 is quicker than the K50.

#3: Keurig K50 vs K55 – Price:

Whenever you need to buy any kind of product, the price is always important. After all, depending on your budget, you can get a better deal.

When you compare the price of the Keurig K50 with the price of the Keurig K55, there is a big difference. The K55 seems to cost significantly more than the K50 even though the results they deliver, in terms of the coffee flavor, taste, and aroma are pretty much the same. Nevertheless, when you know that the Keurig K55 is an upgraded version of the K50, and taking into consideration the time that it takes to brew a coffee, the bigger water reservoir, and the fact that is more reliable, the price difference will seem very small.

Keurig K50 vs K55 – Conclusion:

As you can see, we examined all the details about each one of the coffee makers to ensure that you know exactly what you get with each one of them. So, which one if the best one for you? Should you buy the Keurig K50 or the Keurig K55?

Overall, the Keurig K50 and the Keurig K55 share many similarities. They have a similar design, deliver a similar coffee, and they are both very popular among coffee lovers.

One of the things that we need to mention is that the Keurig K50 is not as reliable as the K55. The truth is that although they share many features and components, the K55 was launched to overcome this lack of reliability of the K50. There are two main complaints about the Keurig K50: the coffee sometimes taste s like plastic, and it breaks easily.

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On the other hand, the Keurig K55 is functional and reliable.

Overall, in our opinion, we believe that you should consider buying the Keurig K55 instead of the Keurig K50. The truth is that even though both coffee makers share many details, the K50 fails in terms of reliability although it is compact and more light than the K55. Even though it is more affordable, you may end up paying a lot more to replace it in a near future. Plus, the last thing you want is to never know when you will brew a coffee that tastes like plastic.

So, our opinion is that you should stick with the Keurig K55.

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