Keurig k475 Vs k575 – Reviewed And Compared [2018]

More and more coffee aficionados are looking at Keurig as one of the best coffee makers. However, when it comes the time to choose the coffee maker they want to buy, they have a lot of doubts between the Keurig k475 and the Keurig k575.

So, with this in mind, we decided to make a direct comparison: the Keurig k475 vs k575.

The reality is that even though Keurig has a lot of different coffee makers, the Keurig k475 and the Keurig K575 are two of the most popular ones.

So, within this article, we will start by reviewing the Keurig k475 first and then the Keurig K575. In the end, we will be able to tell you which one is the best.

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So, are you ready for the Keurig k475 vs k575 comparison? Let’s start…

The first thing that is important to refer when we are making the Keurig k475 vs k575 comparison are the similarities between the two models. The reality is that both the Keurig K475 and the Keurig K575 come from the same production line. Even though their design is slightly different, the truth is that you need to pay a lot of attention to see their differences. In addition, they also share the same overall weight as well as dimensions.

In terms of the electric motor that is inside each one of them, it is also the same. So, what are the differences?

Keurig k475


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One of the first differences between the Keurig K475 and the Keurig K575 that you will notice is the size of the water reservoir. The truth is that it is smaller in the K475 even though you can still get a coffee in a different size.

A major difference between the two models is concerned with the hot water ability. The reality is that the Keurig K475, just like all the models from K400 series don’t include this feature. So, what does this mean?

Simply put, it makes the Keurig K475 less flexible and versatile than the Keurig K575. After all, with the lack of the hot water, the Keurig K475 will only be able to deliver you coffee and nothing else. While this isn’t a major lack, when you are a coffee lover, you may miss it. So, we believe that it is worth to be mentioned.


Even though there aren’t any major differences regarding the design as we already mentioned, when you are comparing the Keurig k475 vs K575, you will miss the illuminated touchscreen on the K475. While this isn’t a major miss for some users, it may be for others. In addition, the touchscreen is also a bit smaller on the K475 than on the Keurig K575.

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So, what about the Keurig K575?


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One of the things that you will immediately notice when you start making a comparison between the Keurig k475 vs k575 is the price. The truth is that the Keurig K575 is more expensive than the Keurig K475. However, as we always say, you shouldn’t let the price be the only factor to consider when you are looking for the best coffee maker. While it is important, the price isn’t always the reflection of a coffee maker’s quality. So, you need to ensure that you check all the other differences before you make your final decision.

While we said that there aren’t any major design differences, the truth is that if you pay attention to both models, and especially if you place them side by side, you will see some differences on the finish details. The Keurig K575 includes some premium finish that the K475 doesn’t. Nevertheless, while the K575 comes in one single color, in case you opt for the Keurig K475, you will be able to choose between different color schemes.

The difference in the water reservoir in both coffee makers is just 10 ounces. Nevertheless, in what concerns a coffee maker, the bigger the water reservoir the better. So, this is clearly an advantage for the Keurig K575.

As you probably remember, we mentioned the lack of hot water in the Keurig K475 and, at the time, we also said that it was included in the Keurig K575. However, this is more than just a simple add-on. The truth is that in order to enjoy this feature with the Keurig K575, you just need to press a single button.


As we also mentioned earlier, the touchscreen of both coffee makers isn’t the same. The touchscreen on the Keurig K575 is bigger than on the Keurig K475 and it is better. After all, it features night mode. This means that it includes illumination that is great when you want that cup of coffee before going to bed and you don’t want to turn on the lights.

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Keurig k475 vs k575 – Final Comparison

As we started by saying at the beginning of this article, Keurig is one of the best coffee makers brands at the moment. They have been developing new coffee makers and delivering high-quality products that allow coffee lovers to enjoy their perfect coffee cup every single time. Nevertheless, with so many models, it was crucial to make the Keurig k475 vs k575 comparison. After all, these are two very popular models and many people wonder about their differences to ensure they buy the best coffee maker for them.

After stating the similarities and the differences between the two Keurig coffee makers, it’s time to decide which one is the best.

Overall, the Keurig K475 is a more affordable coffee maker that comes with a smaller water reservoir. In addition, it also comes with fewer features. On the other hand, the Keurig K575 is more expensive, has a slightly bigger water reservoir, and has more features including the addition of the night light mode as well as the hot water.

In our opinion, when you are making the Keurig k475 vs k575 comparison, the best coffee maker for you depends on your own preferences.

Ultimately, if you only drink coffee and if you are the only one drinking it at home (or you have a small family), you’ll be just fine with the Keurig K575. However, if you want to enjoy your cup of coffee with your family members and friends, and if you also like to try out different beverages that may need the hot water feature, you should go for the Keurig K575.

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However, no matter which model you choose – the Keurig K475 or the Keurig K575, you can rest assured that you will get an amazing cup of coffee filled with an amazing taste, aroma, and flavor, every single time. Besides, you can be sure that they will both last for a very long time in perfect conditions.

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