Keurig K425 Vs K475 Reviewed And Compared [2018]

When you are looking for the best coffee brewer, you will definitely find the Keurig K425 and the Keurig K475. After all, they both have a lot of positive feedback from users and they are made by one of the best manufacturers – Keurig.

Discover how to make the best cup of coffee.

Nevertheless, there are still many people who don’t see the differences between both models and they want to make sure that they make the best decision. If you’re in this situation, make sure that you keep reading this Keurig K425 vs K475 comparison.

Here is the Keurig K425:


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And the Keurig K475:


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Keurig K425 vs K475 – Design:

As you can easily see in the images posted above, both models are very similar and you can hardly notice any difference. After all, they both have the same dimensions and they are both available in 3 colors: platinum, red, and black. Nevertheless, you will easily notice that while the K425 only features LCD screen signals, the K475 includes strength and temperature controls. We will come back to these later.

Keurig K425 vs K475 – Performance:

The truth needs to be said and in terms of the flavor, taste, and aroma, both Keurig models are able to deliver a great cup of coffee. In addition, in case you prefer to brew a tea, hot cocoa, chocolate or a cold beverage, they will both be able to handle them.

However, there is a very important difference between the Keurig K425 and the Keurig K475 – the ability to set your preferences. While with the Keurig K475 you can not only control the temperature as you can control the strength of your drink, with the Keurig K425 this is not possible.

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Keurig K425 vs K475 – Cleaning:

The truth is that both the Keurig K425 and the Keurig K475 are easy to clean and maintain. Nevertheless, they use a different system. So, the one that is better also depends on your personal preferences. While the Keurig K425 comes with a removable drip tray, the Keurig K475 comes with a dispense hot water.

Keurig K425 vs K475 – Conclusion:


As you can see, the two Keurig coffee makers have a lot of similarities but a lot of differences as well. The truth is that this is perfectly normal since the Keurig K475 is the successor of the Keurig K425. So, the company wanted to make sure that it made it better and solved a couple of problems that were associated with the K425. While brewing coffee was never a problem with the Keurig K425, we cannot say the same thing about the bugs and glitches some users complain about.

Should you buy a Keurig or a different brand?

Overall, when you are a coffee lover, you will love both. Nevertheless, why would you want to buy a discontinued model like the Keurig K425 when you can buy its successor – the Keurig K475?

If this isn’t a sufficient reason for you, just consider the fact that you have complete control over your coffee. After all, with the Keurig K475, you can set the exact temperature and strength that you love. And this isn’t simply possible with the Keurig K425.

So, in our opinion, you should definitely consider buying the Keurig K475 coffee maker.

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