How to Make a Traditional Turkish Coffee

The Turkish coffee was originated in Turkey and today is a part of their cultural heritage. However, more than that, Turkish coffee become famous all over the world including the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe.

In case you always wanted to try Turkish coffee and you just can’t seem to find a coffee shop that serves it, you will be glad to know that you can do your own Turkish coffee at home.


The truth is that making Turkish coffee is not very complicated. Nevertheless, you still need the right supplies to do it right.

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Turkish coffee is just a simple brewing method that prepares coffee unfiltered. As soon as it is served, the grounds will usually be allowed to settle in the bottom.

One of the things that you need to know about Turkish coffee is that it is usually very strong. So, when you serve it, most people tend to add a glass of water on the side so that you can cleanse your palette before each sip.

What You Need To Make Turkish Coffee


In order to brew Turkish coffee, you just can’t use your regular coffee maker. In addition, you need to make a small investment in a Turkish grinder. While you can use your regular grinder, the truth is that when you are preparing Turkish coffee, you want to make sure that the coffee is ground especially fine. And most regular grinders don’t allow you to do this.

But here is a complete list of everything you need to make Turkish coffee:

  • Turkish Grinder
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Turkish Coffee Pot
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Sugar
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How to Make Turkish Coffee

Now that you already know everything that you need to make a delicious Turkish coffee, let’s get started.

1. Add the amount of water that you want to your pot.

2. Put the pot on medium heat until the water starts to heat up.


3. Add one tablespoon (or one to two teaspoons) of your ground coffee that should be very fine, per 3 ounces of water. Don’t stir.

4. Add sugar as you like. Don’t stir.

5. When you notice that your coffee starts to sink and that the sugar is beginning to dissolve, turn the heat to low. Stir it until you see foam starting to form.

6. At any second now, you should see a kind of a ring begin to form. When this happens, turn down the heat and remove your pot from the heat.

How To Drink Turkish Coffee


As we mentioned above, in most cases, a glass of water is served near the Turkish coffee. Here is the best way to drink Turkish coffee:

1. Pour your Turkish coffee to a cup and wait for about 1 minute so that the coffee grounds ca settle at the bottom.

2. Take a sip of your water to cleanse your palette.

3. Sip the Turkish coffee slowly.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until finished.

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