Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review

When you are looking for a good coffee makes, you probably already know that there are a lot of great brands on the market. While some coffee enthusiasts prefer to look at some specific brands only, others like to see the best they can buy within their budgets.

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Today, we decided to write our own unbiased Hamilton Beach Flexbrew review. The truth is that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is one of the most popular coffee makers and we wanted to figure out if there are any reasons for this popularity or not.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review


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To start with our Hamilton Beach Flexbrew review, we have to say that one of the things that first caught our attention was the fact that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew includes two ways to brew, making it a very flexible machine. So, you can either brew a full pot of coffee using your preferred coffee grounds on the carafe side or you may prefer to just get one single serve. In this second side of the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, you can actually use both coffee grounds as well as Keurig K-Cup packs.

Still looking at the single serve side of the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, it is important to notice that you can easily adjust the cup rest. So, this means that it won’t matter if you use a regular cup or a taller mug. They will both fit perfectly.


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On the carafe side of the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, you will be able to get a 12-cup carafe each time. One of the things that you will immediately notice are the controls. The truth is that they are incredibly intuitive and you shouldn’t have any problems using them. After all, the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew controls are the same ones that you can find on other coffee makers. These include the auto Pause and serve, the programmable timer, and the 2-hour shuttoff.

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As we already mentioned above, in our opinion, the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is very flexible and versatile. One of the reasons why we are saying this is the fact that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew includes two different water reservoirs, one for each side. In addition, the carafe side of the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew allows you to get your coffee the way you like. After all, you can easily choose between regular or bold, in terms of the brewing strength.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review – Conclusion

So, is the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew a good option for you or not?

The truth is that we are extremely impressed with the quality of this coffee machine. The reality is that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review doesn’t only have a beautiful design that will fit well into most kitchens as it allows you to make just one cup of coffee or a 12-cup carafe.


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While there are some coffee machines that also allow you to do this, the fact that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review includes two separate areas for the different servings make it completely different for the better.

In terms of cleaning, you don’t need to worry about the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review. The truth is that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review comes with a pod-piercing assembly tool that you can use to prevent any clogging that can occur when you use this amazing coffee machine too much.

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