Gaggia Brera Review

When you are searching for a good coffee machine, you can be sure that you will have a tough choice ahead of you. Not only each brand has a lot of different models as there are many different brands to choose from. So, how can you make sure that you pick the best coffee machine for you? 

The truth is that you need to take a closer look at what each coffee machine delivers and then think about what you prefer. While for some people the ability to get the best espresso is enough, others may require a machine that also makes cappuccinos or lattes, for example.

So, today, we decided to write our own Gaggia Brera review. The truth is that you probably never heard about the brand before. So, we’re taking a closer look to see what you can expect from the Gaggia Brera.

Gaggia Brera Review


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Featuring a stainless steel front panel, the Gaggia Brera will look good on most kitchens. While some coffee machines are made entirely of stainless steel, this isn’t the case of the Gaggia Brera. In fact, it does include some plastic parts.

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When you are looking at the Gaggia Brera, one of the things that usually tend to catch users attention is the control panel. In the case of the Gaggia Brera, you can expect to get a control panel that is not only intuitive as it is also pretty simple. In case you decide to buy the Gaggia Brera, you need to know that you’ll be able to adjust the coffee strength, the water quantity, and to select the mode.


The Gaggia Brera includes a ceramic burr grinder that is located on the top. In case you like to be in control of your coffee beans, you will be glad to know that you can adjust the coarseness level that you prefer.

In case you like to change your morning drink or if more family members are going to use the Gaggia Brera as well, you will like to know that the Gaggia Brera allows you to make lattes and cappuccinos as well. After all, the Gaggia Brera includes a rapid steam pipe that only takes 9 seconds to heat up.

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One of the things that we really like about the Gaggia Brera is the fact that you can use both coffee beans as ground coffee. Besides, and in what concerns customization, you can easily choose to have a decaf, adjust the coarseness of your grinder by changing the knob, determine how strong you want your espresso to be (between 3 options), and you can even choose between an espresso and a long coffee.

If there is something that we would improve in the Gaggia Brera is the clean easiness. The reality is that the Gaggia Brera requires some regular maintenance such as cleaning the brewing unit.

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Gaggia Brera Review Conclusion


Overall, we like the Gaggia Brera. Both the espressos and cappuccinos are pretty great and we love the fact that the Gaggia Brera is versatile enough to allow you to use both coffee beans and coffee ground. In addition, we also like the options that it offers in terms of the grinder and in terms of the strength of the coffee. However, we have to say that we would prefer that it could be easier to clean and maintain. The truth is that when you compare the Gaggia Brera with other coffee machines, the Gaggia Brera requires higher maintenance.

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