7 Steps On How To Make Plunger Coffee

When you are looking for how to make plunger coffee, you are in the right place. After we got so many emails from people asking about how to make plunger coffee, we decided it was time to write a post about it.

The truth is that while the process is pretty simple and straightforward, it can be a bit different for people who are just used to instant coffee. So, we wanted to make sure that we covered all the basics so that you can finally learn how to make plunger coffee.

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First of all, in case you don’t know, plunger coffee is the coffee that is made in a coffee plunger which is also known as French Press, coffee press or press pot.


One of the best things about using the coffee plunger is that this is one of the best brewing methods for many coffee enthusiasts. After all, this brewing method allows you to get all the proteins and natural oils that are in the coffee grounds as any other and they will be reflected in your coffee cup. In addition, since you don’t need to use a paper filter, the process is not even altered.

So, how to make plunger coffee? Just follow the next 7 steps:

Step #1: Measure The Coffee Beans:

Using the exact amount of coffee is crucial to get the perfect cup of coffee. So, you should use a kitchen scale to measure the coffee properly.

As a rule of thumb, you should use 13g of coffee for a single serving and 26g for 2 servings.

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Step #2: Grind The Beans:


No, it is time to prepare the coffee beans. As soon as you measure them, you will need to use a coffee grinder and grind them coarsely. They should look like breadcrumbs when you are done.

Notice that you should only ground the coffee as you need it or it will start losing the qualities that you want to see reflected in your coffee cup. In addition, you should also know that the grind size depends on your personal preferences as well. In case you prefer weak coffee, you should grind the beans finer. On the other hand, the coarser the grind that you choose, the stronger the coffee will be.

Step #3: Preparing The Water:

Now, it is time to heat the water. In most cases, coffee plungers usually have a capacity of 946 ml which represents 4 cups.

One of the things to have in mind is that you don’t want to use boiled water. You want the water temperature to be at 195ºF or 91ºC. This is below the boiling point. Since we know it can be hard to achieve this temperature, the best thing that you can do is to let the water boil and then just let it cool off until it reaches this temperature.

In case you just want to make a single serving of coffee, you only need one cup of water or 237ml. For two servings, you need 2 cups of water or 474ml.

While you can use tap water, we don’t recommend that you do so since it may have some odd taste that will be then reflected in your cup of coffee. The best water to use is bottled or filtered water.

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Step #4: Prepare The Coffee Plunger:


Take a look at your coffee plunger and see if everything is working fine. Then, just remove the lid and the plunger and place the ground coffee beans on the bottom of the coffee plunger.

Then, make sure that you fill the coffee plunger halfway with water. Allow the coffee and the water rest in here for about 1 minute.

Step #5: Preparing Your Coffee:

After 1 minute, you should start to see the grounds starting to float to the top. They should also form a kind of a thick layer. So, now is the time to stir the grounds with the water. You may notice that the top floating grounds are hard to break. So, just grab a spoon and use the up and down motion to ensure that you mix the water with the coffee grounds well. 

Now, as you already stirred and the water is well mixed with the coffee grounds, you can add the rest of the heated water into the coffee plunger. This time, you should stir in a gentle manner, using a circular motion. All you need to know at this step is that the grounds need to be completely soaked.

Please note that you could have added all the water at once. Nevertheless, we believe it is easier to do it this way since this ensures that all your coffee grounds are well soaked which will allow you to get the perfect cup of coffee.

As soon as you add all the water and mix, you should place the lid on the plunger. Let this coffee mixture rest for several minutes. Please notice that at this point, you shouldn’t press the coffee yet. 

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Step #6: Push Down The Press:


After the brewing process that should be around 3 minutes (you can choose to have a longer or a shorter brewing time depending on your personal tastes), it is now time to plunge the press. All you need to do is to push down on the press gently until it reaches the bottom of the carafe.

The reason why you need to be careful during this step and don’t agitate the plunger is that if you do so, you can leave your coffee bitter. In case you notice that you are struggling with the press, just back it up a few inches and then plunge it again all the way down to the bottom.

Step #7: Pour Your Coffee:

As soon as you reach the bottom, you need to pour your coffee into cups and serve immediately. Enjoy!