Choosing The Best Coffee Beans For Aeropress – Tips For Baristas

For many people, it’s important to have an Aeropress since this is the best way they like their coffee. The truth is that Aeropress is one of the best on the market and most people link it to quality. And with reason.

The reality is that the Aeropress is one of the most versatile coffee brewing methods. After all, you just need to change adjust the brewing parameters according to your taste and you will always get a great cup of coffee. In case you want to try out other flavors, just keep adjusting your Aeropress. One thing is for sure – you will still get a good cup of coffee all the time, it may just taste different.

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In case you are a fan of Aeropress, you are probably wondering about the best coffee beans for Aeropress.

Before we go into the best coffee beans for Aeropress, you need to know that many people tend to link Aeropress coffee with cold brew, French Press, espresso, and even with drip coffee. After all, you just need to adjust the parameters and you’ll get the best coffee for you.

For example, when you are looking to get a good espresso, you need to steep less, grind finer, and is a metallic disk filter. However, when you prefer drip coffee, you need to make sure that you use a paper filter instead, as well as you need to use a higher brewing temperature and grind coarser. For a French Press coffee, you should use a metallic mesh disk filter just like for the espresso, the brewing temperature should be between the Aeropress and the drip, and the grind should be a little coarser.

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As you can see, there are many different cups of coffees that you can get when you mix the different options between the grind, the filter, and the brewing temperature.

However, one of the most important factors that ultimately can deliver a good or bad cup of coffee is the coffee beans. So, here are the best coffee beans for Aeropress.

For Aeropress, you want to make sure that you always use a fine grind since this will give more taste to your coffee. In terms of the roast, while all types work well with Aeropress, it should probably be a good idea to choose a roast lighter than the one that you’re used to using. In case you prefer a dark roast, for example, you should go with a medium roast. After this, you just need to choose the country of origin. And here, your personal preference has a huge influence.

Here are the best coffee beans for Aeropress:



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The Koffee Kult DARK ROAST COFFEE BEANS is one of the best coffee beans on the market. This is a blend of Columbia, Guatemala and Sumatra coffee that will deliver a smooth and heavy body, a taste of cinnamon, sugar plum, and a delicious cream on top. The coffee is roasted 24 hours before it is shipped to make sure that you get the best fresh coffee beans to extract the max flavor.

#2: Verena Street Mississippi Grogg


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This medium roast coffee is extremely flavorful. The Verena Street Mississippi Grogg is a 100% specialty Arabic coffee and it is roasted in Dubuque, Iowa.

Verena Street Mississippi Grogg is fairly traded and it is Kosher certified by the Orthodox union.

Types Of Coffee Beans Explained

When you want to make sure that you have the best cup of coffee, you need to understand that it truly depends on the types of coffee beans that you choose. No matter how they are harvested, picked, processed, sorted, roasted, among others, their flavor will be completely different.

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Some people sometimes ask us what’s the best coffee. However, there is now right or wrong answer here. It really depends on your personal preference, on your own taste. And the best way to discover what you prefer is to try out the different types of coffee beans that you have available.

Despite there are more than twenty major species, only 3 are cultivated with the purpose of commercial coffee consumption. The 3 most important types of coffee beans are:

#1: Arabica:


Also known as Coffee Arabica, this type of coffee bean is usually associated with the best coffee and it can be even referred to as gourmet coffee. Featuring plenty of aromatic properties and pleasing flavors, Arabica has almost half of the amount of caffeine from the second most important type of coffee – Robusta.

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Arabica represents about 70% of the world market for coffee beans. One of the main characteristics of this type of coffee bean is that it usually grows on steep terrains. So, it’s virtually impossible to have any mechanical harvesting. However, this presents a golden opportunity for you. When the coffee beans are hand-picked, this usually makes sure that you have a better selection with fewer over or under-ripe beans being chosen.


Arabica type of coffee usually features a soft and sweet tastes, with lots of fruits, berries, and sugar, when compared with Robusta that has a higher acidity.

Arabica is dominantly grown in Latin America.

#2: Robusta:


Also known as Coffea Canephora, Robusta coffee beans usually have an inferior quality when compared with the Arabica coffee beans. Robusta has around 23% of the market for coffee beans.

Robusta coffee beans are usually grown at lower elevations which make it a lot easier to grow and maintain. One of the things that characterize the Robusta coffee beans is the fact that they are more resistant to diseases, less vulnerable to weather conditions, and they tend to produce more quantity.

Robusta coffee tends to be more acid (or bitter, as most people say) and has a larger amount of caffeine when compared to the Arabica coffee.

Since the Robusta coffee is cheaper to produce, it tends to be mostly sold as an instant coffee. The main regions that predominantly have this type of coffee include West Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil.

#3: Liberian Coffee:


Also known as the Coffea Liberica Bull. ex Hiern, this is the third type of coffee beans that you can find on the market. However, considering it only represents 3% of the entire market of coffee beans, you may have some difficulties to find it.

The Liberian Coffee is grown in the Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Malaysia.