French Press Vs Drip – Final Comparison

The truth is that coffee remains as one of the most popular and favorite drinks all around the world. The truth is that a lot of people can say that they need a “good cup of coffee to wake up in the morning”  [ ]. In case this is your case, you may be wondering about the differences between the French Press and drip coffee machines. So, today, we decided to make a French Press vs drip comparison.

In order to help us evaluate every single detail of both the French Press and the drip coffee machine, we picked two of the most popular products in each category.

As for the French Press, we chose the KONA French Press Coffee Maker:


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And for the drip coffee machine, we picked the Keurig K55/K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker:


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So, let’s get started with our French Press vs drip comparison.

#1: French Press Vs Drip Machine – Variety Of Brews:

With so many different coffee beans and different roasts available, you may be wondering if either the French Press or the drip machine require a specific type. The truth is that we can say that all coffee beans work perfectly fine with both. The main difference between the two is that the French Press requires you to use a coarse grind while the drip machine asks for a finer size.

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#2: French Press Vs Drip Machine – Brewing Skills:


One of the best things about both the French Press and the drip coffee machine is that none of them require a lot of work and understanding. After you learn the basics, you will be able to make a great cup of coffee, no matter which one you choose. Nevertheless, we need to say that you will have a better chance to get a not-so-good cup of coffee using the French Press than using the drip machine. Why, you ask? The reality is that with the French Press, you have the freedom to do everything. From determining the water temperature, the brewing time, the grind consistency, and even the plunge rate. With so many different variables, it may be a bit harder to get a perfect cup of coffee every single time. On the other hand, with a drip machine, you will only need to add the water, load the grinds, and turn on the machine.

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#3: French Press Vs Drip Machine – The Brewing Speed:


The truth is that the overall time that you need to get a cup of coffee using a French Press and using a drip coffee machine is pretty much the same. However, we have to say that when you use the French Press, you need to boil the water on your own, for example. With the drip machine, you have a more “set and forget system”.

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#4: French Press Vs Drip Machine – Coffee Taste:

And, finally, the most important aspect, the coffee taste. However, you need to know that this is also the most personal aspect that we are mentioning in this comparison.

Overall, what most people believe is that when you are a lover of a stronger and richer coffee, then the French Press should be your favorite. In case you prefer a weaker coffee, the drip coffee machine should suit your preferences better.

5 Best Ways To Brew Delicious Coffee In Your Kitchen

The truth is that when you want to make sure that you get a good cup of coffee, you need to know that there are different methods you can use to brew your coffee. And depending on the method you choose, the taste is going to be different.

Since we are not all the same and we may prefer one method, you may prefer another.


So, what’s the best way to brew coffee?

Here are 5 different methods that you should try yourself to see which one you prefer:

#1: Instant Coffee

Even though instant coffee can hardly be called a method of brewing your coffee, the truth is that this is the only reality some people know.

We personally don’t advocate this method at all. Only in the most extreme situations, you should use instant coffee. It misses all that flavor you love and it’s also bad for your health.

#2: Cold Brew


Cold brew is becoming more popular every single day. While the process of brewing the coffee is very similar to when you use a French Press, with this method, the coffee is brewed with cold water.

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This usually is the best way to brew coffee for people who like iced coffee. This process usually takes about 12 hours and it is said to have less acid and to produce a sweeter cup of coffee.

In case you don’t like iced coffee, you can still heat the coffee. However, the taste will be somewhat lost.


#3: Auto Drip

When we are talking about the best ways to brew coffee, we just can’t forget about the wa that most Americans do it at their homes.

Most Americans do have an auto drip machine at home and they tend to use if regularly. Even though the taste of the coffee could be better, most of the times, the price difference between a good auto drip coffee maker and an average one isn’t really worth it. The only difference might be when you want to have your coffee ready when you wake up in the morning.   

#4: French Press


One of the best ways to brew coffee is, without any question, using a French Press especially when you like your coffee strong and full of power.

While some people have just delayed this option because they think that this brewing method just takes them a lot of time, the truth is that you can use a French Press to brew your coffee and have it ready in about 5 minutes. Surprised?

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The first thing you need to do to use this method is to buy a French Press. Then, you just need to place the coffee beans that you love in the container and add hot water. Just let it steep for about 5 minutes. As soon as you’re ready to enjoy your amazing and delicious cup of coffee just press down the strainer.

In case you prefer your coffee even stronger, just let it steep for a couple more minutes.

#5: Percolator Coffee


When you’re looking for the best way to brew coffee, there’s nothing like using a percolator coffee. Plus, you can do it at home, when you travel, and even when you go camping.

While sometimes you may get some grounds in your cup, the flavor, the smell, the taste, are completely worth it.

All you need to do is to fill your percolator coffee with water and then add some tablespoons of ground coffee to the basket. Just make sure that they’re not too fine or you’ll see them in your cup. Just put the percolator on the stove and wait until it boils. When you see the liquid inside coming up in the knob at the top, just let it brew for about 12 minutes. After this, just pour away.