9 Quick Tips On How To Make Perfect Cafetiere Coffee

When you are looking to start using your new cafetiere or you are trying to get the best cup of cafetiere coffee, there are some factors that you need to consider. Today, we are about to show you everything that you need to know and do to make perfect cafetiere coffee.

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#1: Choosing The Right Coffee:


The truth is that no matter if you are using a cafetiere, a percolator, an espresso machine, a French Press or any other machine, the quality of the coffee that you use matters. A lot. So, make sure that you use only the best coffee beans.

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#2: Weight Your Coffee:

When you want to make the perfect cafetiere coffee, you need to use the right coffee to water ratio.While you may need to buy a new scale just to measure your coffee, the truth is that it will be completely worth it.

As a rule of thumb, you should use about 7g of ground coffee per cup. So, if you are using an 8-cup cafetiere, you should use about 56g of ground coffee.

#3: The Water Temperature:


Make sure that you use the water at the right temperature. It should be between 92 and 96ºC. Please notice that you shouldn’t boil the water. In case this happens, just let it cool off first or you will burn the coffee and get a bitter taste.

#4: Set The Timer:

When you want to make the perfect cafetiere coffee, make sure that you use a timer to get the perfect brew. One of the suggestions that we have for you is to first add a small amount of water to the ground coffee first and stir gently. You can call it the pre-infusing method. Then, add the rest of the hot water.

As a rule of thumb, cover all the grounds well as stir a couple of times. Leave it to brew for 4 minutes and then simply plunge and pour your coffee immediately.

#5: Determining The Strength:


Many people tend to confuse the strength of the coffee with caffeine. However, this is not correct. The truth is that the strength of a coffee depends on the roast type. As you probably already know, you can find on the market different roasts. In case you prefer lighter or weaker coffee, you should choose light roasts. In case you prefer stronger coffee, you should opt for darker roasts.

#6: Keep Exploring:

Coffee beans are not all the same. And just like when you like wine and you keep trying new ones, you should do the same with coffee brands. The reality is that each coffee has its own taste and quality.

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#7: Beans Or Ground Coffee:

Ground coffee is a lot more practical than coffee beans. Nevertheless, when you are a fan of the perfect cafetiere coffee, you may want to try out coffee beans. Just try to grind them by yourself and discover the differences between the different grind sizes.

#8: Storing Your Coffee:


No matter if you are using ground coffee or coffee beans, you need to ensure that you store it well. After all, you want to ensure that you maintain its freshness. This is an important factor when you want to make perfect cafetiere coffee.

#9: Different Brewing Techniques:

One of the best things about coffee is that there are many different brewing techniques and you don’t need to stick with the cafetiere coffee only. Just allow yourself to experience new flavors.

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