Are The More Expensive Coffees The Best Ones?

When you are a coffee lover and you’re looking to buy the best coffee, most people tend to assume that the most expensive coffees are the best ones.

The truth is that price has always been a measure to determine the quality and uniqueness of a product. But should you look at coffee the same way? Are really the most expensive coffees the best ones?


The truth is that, as you know, coffee is not all the same. The truth is that its quality depends on a wide range of factors that have to do with the place where it grows, to how it is harvested, the roast process, among so many others.

However, we need to be a bit specific here. While not all coffees are the same, there is a particular type of coffee that can become incredibly expensive – specialty coffees.

Looking At Specialty Coffees

The truth is that even though you may be a coffee lover and you love preparing your own cup every single day, this doesn’t mean that we are talking about an exquisite and unique coffee that just a few hundreds can drink it.

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One of the things that we have been seeing is that coffee is becoming very similar to wine in some aspects.

The first one is that wine is expensive because there is a wide industry behind it making it be this way. The wine industry entices buyers to find the best deal. And while they do this and the demand increases, they increase their prices as if this was a synonym of quality.

When we are talking about wine, this is mainly true. The reality is that even though there is a wide industry making sure that the wine prices increase each year, it is also true that, in most cases, most expensive wine tastes better than an average priced wine.

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So, what about coffee?


The truth is that expensive coffee doesn’t necessarily mean better coffee. Instead, it is usually meant as weirder coffee.

When you are looking for expensive coffees, and if you have a chance to try some of them, you will immediately notice that they’re not the sweetest, they’re not the most delightful, structured or even complex. The most expensive coffees tend to simply be the most esoteric.

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So, when you see that there is a new trend about more expensive coffees, you need to realize that this doesn’t mean they will be the best cup of coffee that you have ever drank. Rather, they will be completely different from the coffee that you have tasted before. So, you may enjoy them or not. It truly depends on the latest coffee trend as well as on your personal preferences.


While there will always be expensive coffees that are simply weird and different, we believe that they should be so expensive. There’s no reason for that. They are just different coffees and you probably won’t even like them when you have the chance to taste them. So, why should we continue to see people selling these expensive coffees that aren’t superior to your regular daily coffee?

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