5 Tips On How To Use A Coffee Maker | Barista’s Top Notch Guide

It’s definitely hard to find someone who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee. Either in the morning to wake us up, after lunch, after dinner, or without any particular timing, a good cup of coffee seems to go well in all kinds of situations. However, not all coffees are the same. They don’t always taste the same and most of you, just don’t understand you why. If you’re doing everything you usually do, don’t you know how to use a coffee maker anymore?

Knowing how to use a coffee maker is just part of a problem with different variables. So, when you want to make sure that your coffee will always taste the same, here are 5 things you need to consider:

#1: Know How To Use Your Coffee Maker:

In order to get the best cup of coffee from your coffee maker, you need to know which grind and which coffee works better. For example, while a French press is able to deliver a much richer cup of coffee, some more ordinary coffee makers aren’t able to do so. And this is mainly due to the filtering time. So, making sure that you choose the right filtering time, will allow you to get the best coffee. Plus, make sure that you always use fresh water. This will make a lot of difference.

#2: Choose The Coffee, Roast, and Grind You Prefer:

We all have our personal tastes. You may prefer some more delicate coffee such as the arabica coffee, or you may prefer an espresso. And even here you can have different blends.

In what concerns to the roast, this is another factor that has a huge impact on the taste. Continuing with the previous example, you may prefer a more acidic light.roast coffee or you can prefer a less acidic like the espressos tend to be and have a more balanced taste.

Grinding coffee can be a highly vast subject. However, to make it short and concise, you may prefer to use an automatic coffee grinder, when time is everything, or you can use a manual coffee grinder, and take the time to taste one of the best coffees of your life. However, it will take you more time.

#3: Measuring Your Coffee:

Despite you may think 1 tablespoon in the perfect measure when you’re making your coffee, you may be right or you may completely wrong. The fact is that, ultimately, it depends on the type of coffee as well as on the desired result.

For example, when you’re making filter coffee, you should use 60 to 70 grams of grounds per 1 liter of water. In case you’re using a coffee kettle or a French press, you should use an extra spoonful.

Another thing that usually affects the coffee taste is the temperature of the water. You shouldn’t allow it to boil because if you do, your coffee will taste burned.

#4: Clean Your Coffee Maker Regularly:

Both the coffee pot as well as the filter need to be washed every time you use the coffee maker. Depending on their material, you will need to wash them by hand or you can use the dishwasher.

#5: Store Your Coffee The Right Way:

The best way to store coffee is in its original packet. So, all you need to do is to make sure that it’s tightly closed so that the grounds or beans aren’t in contact with air. You should also make sure that you keep the packet in a dry place where it can be protected from light and heat.

Now that you already know how to get the best coffee out of your coffee maker, you just need to add the milk with one top rated milk frother.

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