5 Fun Facts About Espresso Coffee

For many coffee lovers, making their own espresso coffee is challenging. There are so many different aspects to consider that it may be hard to get the perfect one. However, the pleasure you get every time you taste that amazing espresso makes you keep trying to make your own. Varying the grind, the coffee beans, the water temperature, and a lot more factors, you’ll be able to reach it.

The espresso coffee originates in Italy and here are 5 fun facts about espresso coffee:

#1: How Much Caffeine In Espresso:

If you ask someone how much caffeine in espresso there is, most people won’t know. However, they will tell you that it has a lot more than drip coffee. However, this depends on how you’re looking at the question. When you’re looking at the beverage perspective, the drip coffee has a lot more caffeine. However, if you look at the volume perspective, the espresso has a lot more.


How much caffeine in espresso is really a question that is hard to answer since it depends on too many factors. From the beverage size to the bean type, from the blend to the grind, from the water temperature to whether you use milk or not.

So, how much caffeine in espresso? It varies between 58 mg and a85 mg for a double shot.

#2: Espresso Doesn’t Have A Set Taste:

Espressos are just like wines. There are so many different factors that contribute to the final product that it doesn’t have a set taste. The taste of the espresso varies with the amount of water, the pressured used, the coffee beans, and even the crema.

When someone is referring to espressos, they are simply referring to the way they are prepared.

#3: Espresso Was Invented In The Beginning Of 1900s:

During the Industrial Revolution in Italy, the factory bosses were looking for ways on how they could shorten the coffee breaks of the employees. So, they just start looking at their big coffee cups and decided that this was the cause. So, Luigi Bezzerra created the solution. He designed a machine that would be able to deliver a concentrated cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds. Despite the quantity was smaller, the power and taste were stronger than ever.

#4: The Espresso Is Regulated By The Italian Government:

Espresso is considered a crucial part of the Italian lifestyle. So, the government decided to regulate it, in terms of prices and consumption. In case you’re about to visit Italy and want to enjoy a good old espresso, you might want to stand in the bar instead of sitting at a table because it will cost you more.

#5: The Espresso Temperature:

A lot is always said about the water temperature and how hot the espresso should be. When you’re about to make your first espresso, there are two things that you need to pay attention to. The first one is that the ideal brewing temperature for an espresso is 190º F and your cup needs to be warmed between 160 and 165 degrees. Besides, cups aren’t all the same. When you’re making and drinking an espresso, the cup shouldn’t be very large or the espresso will cool down very quickly.

In case you want to make your own espresso at home, make sure to check the top rated espresso machines.

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