8 Ways To Make Coffee

About 54% of Americans who are more than 18 years old drink coffee on a daily basis. However, the main problem is that some of these avid coffee drinkers simply like to load their coffees with tons of extra sugar and calories.

When you drink coffee the properly way, you need to know that it can even help you lose weight, so avoiding all those artificial creations make perfect sense. Despite you might think weight loss is a problem for, the reality is that it is a real one for about 70% of the American population, 30% of which are obese.

So, here are 8 different ways to make sure that your coffee is healthier:

#1: Avoid Refined Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners:

Despite this one is pretty obvious, you just don’t have an idea about how many popular coffee versions are filled with refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Just to give you 2 examples of popular coffees. The salted caramel mocha has 56 grams of sugar and the chai tea latte has more 15 grams of sugar than a Snickers. Taking into account that the World Health Organization only recommends 25 grams a day for adults, these two coffee types are extremely unhealthy.

One of the best and simplest ways to avoid getting some weight is to remain wit the old black coffee. In case you just don’t like it, try adding a bit of stevia. You can also try to use organic maple syrup or coconut sugar but don’t exaggerate.


#2: Avoid Artificial Creamers

Most of the artificial creamers are filled with things that you just don’t want to put on your body every single day. Things like hydrogenated oils (trans fats) or corn syrup solids are just 2 of the many examples we could give you. Despite they’re not as bad as artificial sweeteners, you should try to avoid them.

If you’re used to using artificial creamers in your coffee you can replace them by real cream, which means grass-fed and organic. Most health foods have plenty of real creams that you can buy. Besides, you’ll be also adding a lot of the vitamin K2. And this is a great thing since the proper intake of this vitamin has already been linked to lower heart disease, to lower rates of cancer, and to more successful weight loss. 

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#3: Use Organic Beans And Filtered Water

Even if you need to spend a few more dollars on organic beans, they are well-worth it. Coffee is one of the products that usually gets more pesticides, so you’ll be protecting your overall health. In what concerns to the water, coffee is just 99% water. So, the better the water quality, the better the taste and flavor of your coffee.

#4: Add Cinnamon


If you’re trying to make a rich diet, nothing better than adding cinnamon to your coffee. You’ll not only be able to control your blood sugar as you’ll also get more antioxidants.

Plus, cinnamon has already been linked to many different health benefits. These include lower serum glucose, an improved lipid profile, and lower blood glucose levels.

#5: Eat Before You Drink Coffee


Despite most of you may have the habit of drinking that amazing cup of coffee first thing in the morning, you’re not actually increasing your lower energy levels. Quite the opposite. You’re decreasing them. But how is this possible? The answer is quite simple. When you drink coffee, your body releases insulin as the reaction to the caffeine. And this leads to a great blood sugar drop that may make you feel tired.

However, you can still grab that cup of coffee. Just make sure that you eat something before you drink it.

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#6: Add Collagen

Collagen, which is rich in the amino acid glycine, has already been linked by different studies to the positive effects in helping to reduce joint pains. But this isn’t the only thing collagen does. It can also aid in healthy tissue repair as well as it can help inflammation stay within an appropriate range.

#7: Add Grass-Fed Butter to Coffee

You probably already heard about the Bulletproof Diet. With its undeniable popularity, what really started all this madness around it was the Bulletproof Coffee.

According to the recipe, all you need to do is to add grass-fed butter to your black coffee. This way, you’ll get all the health benefits of the grass-fed plus still get a nice brain-boosting buzz.

If you already tried it and are getting those globs of butter on the top of your coffee, try to use a latte frother or a handheld blender. This will give it a great taste.

#8: Add Coconut Oil to Coffee


Just like it’s healthy to add grass-fed butter, coconut oil is also filled with healthy fats, specifically the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). According to the research that was already made, these MCTs have already been linked to an improved weight loss. But that’s not all. Other scientific studies revealed that coconut oil can also improve your brain health, while even other studies were able to connect the ingestion of coconut oil with a decrease in Alzheimer’s disease rates.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make your coffee healthier. It doesn’t only need to feel or taste good. If you can easily make your coffee have even better health effects on your health, why not try it? Besides, all these 8 ways will help you lose weight.

#9: Just An Extra Way – Add Cocoa

If you just love chocolate, you’re not alone. Despite chocolate will definitely help you get additional weight, using cocoa instead of chocolate is a great option. Cocoa has many different health benefits like lowering the risk of cancer as well as lowering the risk of heart disease. The important thing is not to use too much. Use just a small teaspoon.

7 Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Throughout the years, many things have been said about coffee. So, over the last decades, scientists have conducted many different studies to see the effects coffee could have on your health.

Here are 7 benefits of drinking coffee:

#1: It Makes You Smarter:

Caffeine is not only good to keep you awake; it’s also a powerful stimulant that can make you literally smarter. In fact, the effects of the caffeine that were verified in many different controlled trials pointed to an improvement of the memory, mood, vigilance, reaction time, and general cognitive function.

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2. It Makes You Lose Fat:

If you are trying to lose weight, drinking coffee will help you. Since caffeine acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system, this will increase the oxidation of fatty acids as well as it will raise metabolism.


3. It Can Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes:

TypeII diabetes us already afflicting around 300 million people and can already be considered as an epidemic. According to a massive article published that looked at almost 20 studies involving more than 450,000 participants, concluded that each additional cup of coffee a day you drink, the risk of diabetes lowers 7%.

4. It Can Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s:

benefits of drinking coffee

Coffee can also protect your brain as you get old. These two most common neurodegenerative disorders have been analyzed through multiple studies, and some of them include drinking coffee. According to some of these studies, a coffee drinker has more than 60% lower risk of suffering from Alzheimer or dementia. I what regards to Parkinson, the percentage was between 32 and 60%.

5. It Can Be Great For Your Liver:

Your liver is a crucial organ since it’s the one that is responsible for many important functions in your body. One of the things that tend to affect the liver is cirrhoses, which occurs when the tissue of the organ has been replaced, on its vast majority, by scar tissue.

According to several studies, coffee can actually lower the risk of cirrhoses by 80%.

6. It Can Decrease Your Risk of Premature Death:


Despite most people tend to think that drinking coffee is unhealthy, the fact is that it is quite the opposite. Within two large studies, drinking coffee was linked with a lower risk of death from all causes.

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7. It Includes Nutrients and Antioxidants:

Coffee is a lot more than simply caffeine. In fact, coffee is a powerful source of antioxidants and nutrients.


As you can see, we are not only telling you that coffee has many health benefits. We are proving to you that it does by looking at a wide selection of different studies based on the subject. There’s no doubt that coffee is good for you and can make you a lot healthier.